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About Us

Turkey Academic Consultancy Group

We provide professional support to foreign nationals seeking support in matters such as education, health, investment and life in Turkey. “Personal focus, global perspective.” with our motto, we, as Turkey Academic Consultancy Group, work day and night to support the personal development of our clients and to help them have a global perspective.

With our service areas, we help everyone who clients us, from seven to seventy, to their goals. We offer the most effective and high-quality service in the sector to TAC Group clients with our staff of teachers whose mother language and who teach professionally in Turkish.

More than 10 years, our founders and esteemed teachers have helped more than 5000 students build their future in the departments of their choice.

As TAC group, we offer the project consulting, funding application, and project development in the field of education. We design educational materials and provide supervising support for projects.

A future in Turkey is in your hands, under the roof of TAC Group.


Turkey Academic Connsultancy Group as the main target; language learning methods for all international students wishing to study in Turkey and media, international qualifications to properly develop the most modern techniques, methods and offer Turkish learning opportunity with the approach and also to prepare the necessary exams to continue their education in the best universities of the country and providing the settlement to universities determined their career planning with their graduation. Our mission is provide the fastest, highest quality and most reliable service for our foreign clients to meet all their needs in Turkey under a single roof. Our vision to be the summit of our sector by maintaining the quality standards we have set as of our establishment and to provide the necessary support for our country to reach its international student target and to bring new values to our country.