English Courses
English Courses

Turkey Academic Consultancy Group provide English trainings with Turkish and Foreign trainers who are experts in their fields.Our programs are speech-oriented. Lessons are held with Foreign and Turkish language instructors in accordance with European Language Portfolio standards, which offer different day and time options in classes of up to 10 people. Each person who starts language programs follows the development of language learning in a system based on “self-assessment” with expert guides by obtaining the European Language Passport.

English is the second most spoken language after Chinese. More than 520 million people worldwide are thought to speak English. More than 65% of all internet content is in English. Nowadays, no one argues the importance of English. The main reasons why English is so dominant all over the world are seen as the expansion policies of England, its emergence as the most powerful country from the industrial revolution and the establishment of the political, economic and scientific dominance of the United States of America after the second world war.

As a result of all this, English is a language of science, technology, art, industry, tourism, etc. It has become the common language of the world. Being able to follow the developments in your field of interest, and to be able to stay ahead of your competitors in your business life together with your personal development, is to have a command of the English language.

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