TÖMER , TAC GROUP educational institutions, we teach Turkish, the spoken language of Turkey, to our students from various parts of the world with the newest and most contemporary methods. Our trainings are carried out with a communication and learner focus according to the principles specified in the European language criteria.


The YÖS Exam is an entrance exam for students who wish to study at state universities in Turkey..Students who want to prepare for this exam can apply to TAC GROUP and are guaranteed to be ready by the start of the entrance exam period.This exam is divided into the math, IQ and geometry sections and is offered in Turkish, English and Arabic.

University Education Consultancy

With our free consultancy service, we make it easier for foreign students who want to study in Turkey to realize their dreams. We cooperate with more than +50 state and foundation universities in Turkey. We can place you in departments with special scholarship opportunities for TAC Group.

Foreign Language Course

Today, we are aware that foreign language has become a necessity rather than a favor. The courses are designed to give students the confidence to communicate effectively in real-life situations. Each course provides a balanced program, focusing on speaking, listening, reading, and writing while covering essential grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, idioms, and colloquial language.


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Student Opinions


أنهيت المستوى الأول في المعهد ، التدريس ممتاز ، فهمت القواعد اللغوية وزادت مفرداتي وأصبحت قادرًا على تكوين جمل وعبارات. جو المعهد لطيف ومريح إذا كنت ترغب في تعلم اللغة التركية بسهولة أوصي به لك حقًا

Sarah Ebrahim Student

I had fun learning A1 level the atmosphere is so cool the teachers they're so nice approachable and now I am at A2 level I love learning Turkish language with their help TAC yes I can ... çok güzel...

Alaaeldin Abouassi Student

Почти закончили уровень А1 для взрослых. Очень дружественная атмосфера, иногда проводятся игры и чаепития. Очень тактичный и отзывчивый преподаватель Merve❤️ (спасибо за все)!

Зелимхан Ханов Student

تشکر از این که برای خارجی های مقیم در استانبول خدمات ارایه میکنیدمن به عنوان یک فارسی زبان که در کورس شما درس خواندم واقعا ممنون هستم. و یک تشکری خاص از اساتید با تجربه و مهربان این کورس بابت همه زحمات شان 🙏

Abdul Ahad Vefa Student

If you want to become a real Top G . This is the best language institute in istanbul. The teachers and their passion towards teaching is something you may not witness anywhere else.

MT Gondal Student

من اینجا رو خیلی دوست دارم خیلی عالی هست ، احساس خوب و راحتی دارم و خیلی خیلی سریع به ترکی مسلط شدم واقعا ازت ممنونم بکیرحجا

sahar imani Student

I love my teacher Havanur she's happy,helpful,loveable,thoughtful, open minded, friendly,polite,hardworking,and positive.Her teaching is not complex at all its very easy ,and you'll understand very quickly .🌸🌷🌺🌹

Nisreen Elmoghrabi Student

Taç group is very high quality course anad i liked it because before i joined this group was no understand any thing but now alhamdulliah i met with very good teachers and evry thing is going on well. So thanks to my teachers and managers

Matan Haji Student

I'm learning the Turkish language here and I’m so happy and I will apply the public universities with them. They are very professional and trustworthy. Thank you so much 🙏🏼

فهد البخاري Student

I m from Nigeria I came to turkey with them I registered the Turkish university with them Im studying nursing thank you ☺️

Laurel Rita Student

We are studying here, we love it ! thanks to Yunus Hoca and Bekir Hoca, our teachers. Highly recommend 🙏🏻

Нина С Student

Отличный курс турецкого языка, рада что нашла это учебное заведение. После окончания выдают сертификаты. Все позитивно и качественно 👌


I learn the Turkish language here and I’m so great full from this course the best and after one year i will apply the Turkish university with them thank you so much ❤️

sadeen jamous Student

I learned the turkish here and i rejester in istanbul ariel. University eng program they are very profitional thanks for your support ❤️

Omer Dowra Student

Her şey çok güzel ve kibar öğretmenler var🙏🏻 ben tavsıye ediyorum burada Türkçe öğreniyorum tesekkür ederim

Wadi Student

Her şey için teşekürler,her şey mühteşemdi,en iyi hocalar,çok mutluyum sizin ailenizdenim

Mohammad Javad Student

Çok iyi insanlarla tanıştım güvenilecek insanlar 🌹 kayıt ettiler. Devlet ve Özel üniversite isteyen herkese tavsiye ediyorum. Merve hocayi tanıdığıma çok sevindim❤️

Samin Mehra Student

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